018 mg  

022 mg

       Chicken Cordon Bleu 

W/ Supreme Sauce

Sweet Potato 

California Veggies 



1% Milk  

750 mg
247 mg
148 mg
050 mg
125 mg
235 mg  

Creamy Tomato Soup

Potato Fish Wedge

Brown Rice 


Butterscotch Pudding

1% Milk

223 mg
017 mg
125 mg
Are you confused about the sodium numbers 
on your meals on wheels menu?

                                               Each month we send you a menu with a nutrient analysis. The sodium  
                                               number shown per day is for the entire meal. This includes the bread, 
                                               milk and dessert. When an entrée item contains more than 700 
                                               milligrams of sodium, the item is considered a high sodium entrée 
                                               and must be noted on the menu.

                                               Sometimes, meals with a lower sodium entree (under 700 milligrams) 
                                               will still contain a relatively high amount of sodium: up to 1500 
                                               milligrams in some cases. This occurs because the side dishes, milk, 
                                               bread, soup, and/or desserts all contribute sodium to the total.  
                                               A low sodium alternative meal is not provided on these days. Here 
                                               are some typical sodium ranges for foods that we serve:

     •   milk 100 milligrams

          •   pastry200 milligrams 

        •   bread200 milligrams 

             •   soup200-400 milligrams 

Traci Robidoux, RD, LDN The amount of sodium in each food item varies daily. Some make a fairly consistent contribution to the meal. We encourage you to make healthy decisions about a higher sodium meal day where total calories are provided to meet a standard yet the sodium total may run higher than you prefer. Try saving the bread for a snack, having soup for dinner and/or put the milk away for breakfast the next day. 

How can I Best Reduce the Amount of Sodium I Eat?

Check for sodium on food labels before you buy and compare the amount of sodium in different brands. Many foods that appear to be the same have very different sodium levels.

Looking for other sodium savvy ideas or need nutrition advice? Contact your BayPath Registered Dietitian,  
Traci Robidoux, RD, LDN at trobidoux@baypath.org or call 508-573-7258

Here are two menu examples to help you better understand the total amount of sodium in your meals:
     8         MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL
(Greater than 700)
 Total sodium: 1250
Total sodium: 1360
150 mg
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