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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Lifestyle tips to unleash the power of age
What will you do?

Americans are living longer than ever before. And healthy seniors can look forward to many years of active life, thanks to the ability to repair or replace damaged joints, remove cataracts, treat heart problems, and other medical advances.

A healthy lifestyle and good medical care can help keep the mind, like the body, active and well. Here are eight ways to keep your mind and body as sharp as possible.

     1. Stay Physically Active
     By keeping your heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy, exercise helps ensure that all parts 
     of  the body, including brain cells, receive the oxygen and nutrients they need. In home planned 
     movement (chair exercises) or weekly therapeutic specialist appointments to help keep you 
     moving are important. Staying active daily is essential to unleashing the power of age.

     2. Challenge Your Mind

     The old saying “use it or lose it” applies to our brain and muscles alike. Keep yourself focused 
     and always learning new things. Daily reading, music, art and conversations with others will 
     keep you more challenged and unleash the power of age.

     3. Eat a Diet Abundant in Fruits and Vegetables

     For a healthy brain, antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, and A are especially important. Shop 
     for a variety of ingredients and have caregivers provide support with nutritiously prepared foods.
     Contact BayPath Elder Services at 508-573-7200 for nutrition education materials to support
     your health management and unleash the power of age.

     4. Control Blood Pressure, Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels, Keep Cholesterol 
     in Check

     See your primary physician as often as needed. Ask them to review your lab values with you
     and to discuss any medication needs. Set goals to achieve normal levels if elevated and follow
     up to review your program progress to unleash the power of age.

     5. Stay Connected With Friends and Family

     For a healthy, happy, and longer life it’s extremely important to take advantage of senior 
     community centers, senior companions, and neighbors and friends to stay connected. Call to 
     request the newsletter from your community senior center. It is full of opportunities for new 
     connections to unleash the power of age.

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